Uber Scrappage Scheme

On September 8 this year, cab hailing firm UBER announced its Clean Air Plan which requires that all its cabs in the UK are either fully electric powered vehicles or hybrid vehicles.

As part of this UBER have launched a diesel scrappage scheme to take 1000 of the most polluting cars off the roads in London.

The first people in London to scrap a Euro4 or lower rated diesel and provide an official scrappage certificate will receive up to £1,500 credit to spend on Uber or uberPOOL rides. You can register for the scheme here (with the email address you use for your Uber account).

Additionally, if you’re an Uber driver, Uber will create a Clean Air Fund to allow you to access up to £5,000 to switch to a hybrid or electrically powered cab. 35p on every ride taken through the app in London will be towards the fund.

Further Information:

Uber Clean Air Plan



Since this announcement was made, Transport for London has ‘decided’ to withdraw Uber’s licence to operate in the city. As we understand it Uber are appealing this, we will post more updates on this as soon as we have it.


UPDATE 14 October 2017

UBER CEO Dara Khosrowshahi met Mike Brown (transport commissioner) to discuss the London situation.

Documents were filed today at Westminster Magistrates’ Court to oppose the TfL decision – it had to do this in order to keep operating in London.

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