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Mercedes-Benz have launched Diesel Changeover Bonus for their 2017 scrappage offering.

To qualify, the trade-in vehicle must be a Euro1 – Euro4 emissions rating diesel car (any make accepted) and have been owned by you for six months with your name on the V5C and with a valid MOT. You must register your new Euro6 class diesel Mercedes before 31 March 2018. Mercedes state all their new diesels meet the latest Euro6 criteria and are exempt from additional charges in the Ultra Low Emission Zone planned for London.

Alternatively you can receive £1,000 off an electric powered Smart car.

In addition to the scrappage bonus, customers will receive a discount to the value of the trade-in car as indicated in the CAP black book for Euro1 – Euro3 class vehicles or a higher value to be agreed with the dealer for Euro4 class cars.

Any Euro1 – Euro3 class cars will be taken off the road and recycled in an ‘environmentally compatible’ way.

Mercedes-Benz Scrappage Discounts

Mercedes A Class

Typical Price (New) 22500

Scrappage / Trade In Discount: 3000


Mercedes GLA

Typical Price (New) 27000

Scrappage / Trade In Discount: 3500


Mercedes CLA Coupé £26,490 – £33,765

Typical Price (New) 27000

Scrappage / Trade In Discount: 3500


CLA Shooting Brake – £4,000

B-Class – £4,500

C-Class – £7,000

C-Class Estate – £7,000

C-Class Coupé – £4,000

C-Class Cabriolet – £5,5000


E-Class Saloon – £6,000

E-Class Estate – £6,000

Further Information

Mercedes Diesel Changeover Bonus


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